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Are Men Intimidated by WOMEN in the Cigar industry?

There's no denying that the cigar industry is dominated by men. But that doesn't mean that women aren't making their mark.

In fact, more and more women are becoming involved in the cigar industry, whether it's as smokers, aficionados, or even business owners like Keshia Miller at Slow Burn Mobile Cigar Lounge or Edwina Brown at Blowin' Smoke Cigar Lounge and Roz Stafford-Grady at Smoking Jacket Cigar Lounge.

So, are men intimidated by women in the cigar industry?

It's possible. It's VERY possible!

Here are four reasons why men could be intimidated by women in the cigar world:

1. Women are more knowledgeable than ever before.

2. Women are more confident than ever before.

3. Women are more assertive than ever before.

4. Women are more respected than ever before.

Sure, there are still some men who view the cigar industry as their territory. But as women continue to make inroads, it's becoming less and less of an issue.

There's no need to be intimidated by women in the cigar industry - we're here to stay!

What say you?

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